By Aphelion Editions

 On the A-side, a live multi-track recording from the trio's second ever  show back in September 2016 wonderfully captures the raw  unpredictability and twists and turns of these freeform excursions along  with the energy and sense of fun that emerges from sonic adventure and  exploration.

At its core, EP/64 is an improvising unit that consistently morphs and  reassembles all manner of disparate ideas and influences into its own  unique brew, utilising a skeletal combination of drum kit, laptop  processing and extended vocal techniques to eschew traditional band  structures and create a refreshing push-pull dynamic, with a fervent,  almost psychedelic sensibility, centred around Dan’s looping, circular  rhythms and Dali and Nick’s contributions darting in and out of the mix  at will.

On the B-side, a set of reinterpretations from Stuart Chalmers, Burl and  Microdeform pull things in further trajectories to finally complete the  journey.  Time to rewire your brain.

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