Album Reviews

Andy Brown for Soundblab

"28042018 captures the collective on a different night and the results are significantly different yet no less invigorating.

A  strange, somewhat alien and disconcerting loop leads the way. Drums are  introduced and the ritualistic, hypnotic nature of the piece is  revealed. Without sounding like them the music here manages to recall  the distorted, discombobulating soundscapes of Throbbing Gristle. An  unintelligible voice fights to be heard as the noises are layered on top  of each other, the drums providing a sense of forward motion to the  unfolding chaos." 

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Noel Gardner for The Quietus

Dan Johnson's" His drumming, subtle in its progression towards to front and centre,  spars with De St Paul’s distorted vocal loops and electronic distress  signals, screams to near-silence seven minutes in and then reverses  round the whole course. A sonic challenge, but not remotely dry or  academic."

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