64 Performances Review

EP/64-35 Golden Cabinet

Invitation was made by curators GNOD to take over the Golden Cabinet in Shipley for their 5th anniversary !

After a bad accident our Drummer for that night  had to call it off and 

EP/64-35 ended up as Duo with Silver Waves 

Andy Brown for Soundblab wrote :

" It’s a simple but devastatingly effective formula. Mallett is in  charge of the electronics, throwing out punishing, disjointed beats.  Brutal yet danceable, these industrial-strength beats hit like a  juggernaut.

Dali howls into the microphone, thrashing around in the bombardment  of noise as she hits effects pedals to endlessly loop her brilliantly  raw vocals.It’s definitely a noise set yet rather than feeling oppressive or  doom-laden the overall effect is one of release, euphoric primal-scream  therapy for the masses. Cathartic, intense and relentlessly wild; EP/64  are just what the doctor ordered."