The Project

Ephemeral Project

EP/64  is a subtle & wild improvisation combo, with variable geometry, formed by Bristol based raw vocalist Dali de Saint Paul. (DSC, Viridian Ensemble & HARRGA)

Improvised Music

 Most  of the time playing in trio, musicians dive freely into the interactions between his elements thus steering the energy of the music.

Musicians and visual artists involved so far...

Vocals : Dali de Saint Paul

Drums : Dan Johnson, Florent Berthaut, Simon Mawson,  Matt Loveridge, Guy Metcalfe, Jesse Webb

Sax : Rebecca Sneddon, Andrew  Neil Hayes, Ben Vince

Double Bass : Joe Kelly

Electric bass : Annie Gardiner, Leon Ray Boydon

Violin and effects : Agathe Max

Keys : Yoshino Shihigara

Laptop sampling: Nick Janaway

Guitar & Effects : Matthew Grigg,  Alex Jones, Luke Mawsdley , Deej Dhariwal, Miguel Prado and Paul Allen

Electronics : Kostis Kilymis, Silver Waves

Stones & Turntables : Copper Sounds

Visuals Artists : Sarah James, Becca Lewis, Laura Phillipps, Melanie Clifford, Lizi Hoar.